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The Bug Boys is a soft science fiction novel mixed with a healthy dose of humor, the kind of sci fi that doesn’t leave you scratching your head at the science-y parts. The language kept me chuckling throughout the entire book. It’s a perfect story for families, younger readers, or anyone looking for a fresh, entertaining read. Don’t pass up this good tale!!” – Cindy Jewkes, Cindy’s Treasury of Good Tales.

If you are A) a boy, B) a fan of superheroes C) an Anglophile, D) a bugophile, E) a laughophile or F) you super appreciate good imagery, The Bug Boys is for you.” – Kate Burke, author – Blue River series

Overall The Bug Boys is an entertaining read that will appeal to young readers, especially boys looking for something fun and a bit on the gross side. It is an easy read and not too long so it will hold their interest. I felt that the book left open the possibility of more novels to come, and I look forward to it.” –

In this can’t-put-it-down kids’ adventure, Alex and Ian become the Bug Boys, a duo with bug powers that they want to use to fight crime – if there was any crime in their small village. We witness that boys can be studious, impulsive, vengeful, and empathetic. And alien life not come in a form we can readily imagine. The creativity and unique traits in this book make it a delight to read. As an added bonus, footnotes to the reader add comic relief.” –

I really enjoyed the book. It was well written and I found the concept completely unique which is a rarity. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys any kind of coming of age story mixed in with some sci fi. – Author, A.Gustafson – Aso Sierra Series

The Bug Boys is funny and fresh. The writing style reminds me of Terry Pratchett, with humorous footnotes, and great British-isms. As a lover of comic books, super heroes, and laughing while reading, I found this book to be a page-turner; I couldn’t wait to see what kind of trouble Alex and Ian would get into next. Great first book.” – Amazon Customer.

Great fun. Just when you thought superheroes where getting tiring and a bit predictable! This first time writer has put together an easy to read story that is memorable and has a great pace. If you fancy an unusual tale of small town school boys and weird intergalactic shenanigans where insects, portals and special powers collide (and why wouldn’t you want such a deviating tale!?), then look no further! This story is just the right type of nuts. Zany but to the point.” – Goodreads User.

I bought this book for my 8-year-old granddaughter, and she may be a little young for it, but she laughed out loud when I read the first couple of chapters to her. So did her mother who overheard us. I finished it on my own and enjoyed every minute. The humor is unique and clever, and the two young boys at the center of the story are likeable and believable.” – Author, Karen Walker – Murder in White Lace: A Bridal Shop Mystery

Stewart tells this science fiction tale with what I know to be his trademark dry British humor and a clever approach to these oddest of all events. A fun read.” – Author, J. Murray – To Hunt A Sub

The Bug Boys is a delight from beginning to end. Stewart Hoffman may have conceived this novel to appeal to a pre- and early-teen audience, but I can assure you it is for septuagenarians as well. When I read Chapter 2, “The Battle of Britannica” for the first time, I had to put the book down for a moment. Two thoughts came to mind: Wow, that was brilliant; and Man, I wish I wrote that. There is charm and a fine sense of humor in every chapter. The Bug Boys is a very enjoyable read, and when you reach the final line, it is clear there is more to come. Well played, Stewart!” – Author, C. W. Spooner – Children of Vallejo